EKONO timber buildings comprise components, factory prefabricated under careful supervision, to ensure product durability and a visual experience of the highest quality. The modular panel system allows maximum flexibility to planners in the design and layout of the building. Elevations and finishes can be varied in accordance with the requirements of individual clients.



Ekono buildings comply with Uganda's Building Code Grade II BY LAWS.






Ekono buildings use both soft and hard woods treated by the “Tanalizing” process and are resistant to insect and fungal attack. All timber used comes from sustainable forests


Ekono buildings use timber treated and are resistant to insect and fugal attack. Hardware, good quality sanitary ware, approved electrical fittings and durable ironmongery are used in the building.


 Components Panel type


Good quality sanitary ware, approved electrical fittings and durable ironmongery is used in the buildings.


A. External walls tongue and grooved chamfered of dimensions 146mmX44.5mm.  All corner points bolted for additional strength. Floor piece into foundational piece. 100mmX50mm grooved wall plate fastened all around.

A1. Foundation cement slab or raised timber depending on terrain and accessibility to building materials.

External wall panel size 1000mm 0r 2400mm constructed on a frame work of 75mm treated timber studs clad externally with 6mm chipboard or ply wood.

Internal walls panel size 1000mm X 2400mmx50mmstuds clad with 6mm chipboard or ply wood.

Specification panel type

A. External doors 2045mm X815mm Musizi tree doors with 2lever mortice locks and 100mm Butt hinges.

Interlocking type spec

B. Internal walls toungue and grooved chamfered timber of dimensions 146X32mm. Inserted on exterior

And other intersecting points with rebated 100mmX50mm timber. Wet areas and fire areas are provided with local bricks, plastered over.

C. Windows available in configurations 3blade /1blade/10blade steel louvers 1430/1010/450mmglass and burglar proofed with 10mm round bar.
D. Roof/ Trusses1000mm X 50mm forming 15°pitch roof. Glabes clad with T& G or wheather board ex100x25mm, purlins 75mmx50mm Cladding 25gauge galvinised corrugated sheets. Optional industrial profile pre-painted steel sheets. Rain water goods are not included.
E. ceiling 3mm plywood ‘v’ jointed skirting /cornice/ external cover strip 55mm dressed beading.
Interior finish all wood work 1 coat undercoat plus three coats emulsion paint. External finish 3 coats water repellent finish.
B. windows available in configurations of3 blade/7balde/10blade/1430/1010/450mmglazed with 4mm glass and burglar proofed with 10mm steel bars.
Roof trusses 100mmX50mm forming  15°pitch roof. Cables clad with T & G or whether board ex 100X 250mm,purlins75mmX50mm
C. Cladding 30gauge galvinised corrugated sheets. Optional matalic roof tiles (heavy) or industrial profile prepainted. Rainwater goods are not included.
D. Ceiling 3mm plywood “V” jointed skirting/Cornice /External cover strip 75mm X25mm dressed beading.


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